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Humphrey Bogart
Humphrey Bogart

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Humphrey Bogart  25-Dec-1899  –  14-Oct-1957 


He is a Screen and stage actor.He was Began his acting in 1921. His famous Film is Casablanca, The Maltese falcon and To Have And Have Not.Bogart’s Broadway success led to roles in two film The Dancing Town and Broadway’s like That and a contract with the Fox Film Corporation.

Early Life

He Was born in New York city . was well financial status family person. his father was a very respected person in his society.his father was a good heart surgeon. And the mother was a Director of The Deadline.And she was an artist also.Humphrey Bogart studied Trinity School in New York City.He spent few year in this school and was sent to Philip Academy in Andover, Massachusetts to prepare the Medical study. Due to a poor performance of his study he joined US Naval. After he engages Stage company with his family friend the father of Actress Alice Brady. He started stage performance with various Task in the studio of New York.And he Became a regular stage performer.

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