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    Every moment and every event of every man's life on earth plants - Thomas Merton.

    About Us

About Us

We Are Honest

When everything has to be extra perfect on that particular day, we provide reliable, seamless, precise service with special delivery.

We deliberately take a number of events every year to ensure the integrity of our services. we always make an event far exceed expectations.

We Are Reachable

Las Vegas is a dream destination for memorable weddings, its international reputation, and five-star Hotels, and luxury settings certainly assist in ensuring that momentous occasion, but with years of experience and finesse.

We have expanded our horizons and Events2Plan also arranges weddings Internationally.

We Are Professional

We were the pioneering professional wedding planning company established (2009) in Las Vegas.

We have been impressing our clients and guests successfully ever since, with regular publications in Vogue, Lifestyle Magazine, and have earned praise in the wedding industry.


Birthday Parties

Fantasy theme, Pirate theme, Unicorn, Princess theme. Make your children's party a magical one.

Wedding Planning

Beach Weddings, Hotel Weddings, Jewish Weddings, Indian wedding, Thai wedding ceremonies; you name it, we will plan it.

Corporate Events

When planning a company event, there is too much at stake for you to make your corporate event stand out from the crowd.

Photo & Video Gallery

A copy of your special event, compiled primarily by Events2Plan. We place it in a specially-made cd casing or signature USB.
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Happy Clients

“I can't even begin to explain how happy I am that we hired Events2Plan as our wedding planner. Not only did they take so much of a headache away from all of the planning and booking in the months leading up to the wedding, but she also made my big day super easy going and carefree for all of us. They really took the time to figure out and understand exactly how I envisioned my wedding day.
Krista Johnson,House Wife
“If you need an event coordinator, Events2Plan were a huge help with the last minute planning and the team were so amazing with making sure the day of went perfectly! I think the most valuable thing that separates them from other events planners is that they care like it's their own event. They were literally a bunch angels from heaven that day!”
Martha Mills,Teacher
“Thank you so sooo much for creating the most perfect 50th birthday party ever! It was unbelievable! The time and effort you put into the planning of a very wonderful party meant the world to us. I will cherish this day with fond memories for a long time to come!”
Katie Jones,designer
Guys, you were professional and thorough, but cheerful! You kept our wedding on the budget, so the whole wedding process for me was stress-free. I was able to take part in coordinating without any worries because you took charge and took care of everything. I can't thank you enough!
Tom Hills,Farmer


16th birthday celebration, a success!

Tonia Vazquez, the daughter of the governor of El Paso Texas, celebrated her 16th birthday in Las Vegas. It was planned and executed by the team of Events2Plan and made her special day a memorable one.

Dj Cholo is in the house!

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It's a boy!

Hollywood A-lister Katrina Jones held a momentous event for her firstborn child. A baby shower attended by Hollywood celebrities like Katie Holmes, Tyra Banks and many more


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